I’m a Hotel Manager. How can Locito help me?

Locito can help you enhance your visitors’ experience by providing information and services directly to their mobile devices.

Logo/Color Branding Of Campaign

Custom color scheme and logo for your Hotel

One App To Serve Them All

Using Locito provides a one-stop app for all your events/campaigns in the future. No different apps for each campaign.

Actions To Indoor Or Outdoor Locations

Offer all hotel services digitally with no coding. Integrate with existing systems or let us create one for you.


Access to the ever-growing user-base of Locito every time. Locito is one app, so all campaigns share a common user-base. You do the math.

Cooperate with the surrounding area

Your visitors are there to have a good time inside and outside of the hotel. Why not offer them a list of suggested places to visit? Easy to setup and to maintain.

Premium Support

From designing your campaign, to mapping the Whole Venue, to adding Beacons and making Usage scenarios, we're there to help you create a rich beautiful experience.

Here's a quick example

Create your Campaign    

Add your Resort Logo. 
Add your Colors. They will be used in Locito when a user is in your Campaign. 
Add a Title and a little about this campaign.


Create your external locations 

Add your Hotel Locations with contact information.

Add nearby places that help your Visitors. Restaurants, Tourist attractions, anything goes!

You want people to find you easily and Locito takes care of that.

Create your buildings

Create your Buildings.

This will be tied to an external Location. It will have all the floormaps to allow your users to find anything indoors!

Map your buildings

Add floor maps to your building.
Add some info to guide your users inside.
Add Beacons to your floors. They will help position the visitor and can be used as Action Triggers!

Passing by the pool bar? Automagically generate a coupon for the hotel's signature cocktail!

Add Hotel Specific Services

Room service?
Book a Treatment?
Book a Tennis court?

All these and more can be done through Locito.


Publish your Campaign.
Advertise anyway you want. Via link in Social Media, QR code posters, SMS.
Monitor Campaign efficiency and make any changes, anytime.


Now you’ve created a mobile digital presence for your Hotel with a few clicks of your mouse (and some nice pictures of course).

You can interact with the surrounding area, and provide useful up to date information and services to your clients putting you above the fold and into their smartphones.

Want something completely tailor-made?
 Let's talk about a white label solution.


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