I’m a Museum Manager. How can Locito help me?

Locito can help you make you Museum Digitally accessible from a smartphone. 

Logo/Color Branding Of Campaign

Add your Museum's logo, or maybe if organizing an event for the weekend, use another variation. Change campaign colors accordingly and easily.

One App To Serve Them All

Using Locito provides a one-stop app for all your events/campaigns in the future. No different apps for each campaign.

Actions To Indoor Or Outdoor Locations

Leverage the power of iBeacons to map you Venue. Trigger automatic exhibit display based on beacon proximity. And many more!


Access to the ever-growing user-base of Locito every time. Locito is one app, so all campaigns share a common user-base. You do the math.

engaged visitors are happy visitors

Easily create interactive exhibitions in the right context. Tie them to Proximity Beacons and create a fully immersive cultural experience.

Premium Support

From designing your campaign, to mapping the Whole Venue, to adding Beacons and making Usage scenarios, we're there to help you create a rich beautiful experience.

Drive Revenues

Sell tickets, customized tours, products from the gift shop and many more through Locito.

Engage / Educate

Design virtual games tied to exhibits. Educate in a fun creative way.

Let the user make the path

No need for specific guided tours. The user can select the exhibit on the map and see directions to get there. When he gets there, exhibit information will pop automatically, leaving the visitor free to enjoy the sights instead of fumbling with his phone.

Add as many Locations as needed

Cover all your Museum Venues in one campaign under a common branding. Changing Exhibits? Just edit or create new places in the campaign and you're good to go instantly!


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