I’m a Mall Manager. How can Locito help me?

Locito can help you bring foot traffic from the halls of your Mall, inside your stores.

Logo/Color Branding Of Campaign

Add your Mall's logo, or maybe if organizing an event for the weekend, use another variation. Change campaign colors accordingly.

One App To Serve Them All

Using Locito provides a one-stop app for all your events/campaigns in the future. No different apps for each campaign.

Actions To Indoor Or Outdoor Locations

Add Beacons and tie them to marketing actions. Engage your users unobtrusively and make it interesting for them.


Access to the ever-growing user-base of Locito every time. Locito is one app, so all campaigns share a common user-base. You do the math.

Loyal Customers are happy customers

Generate loyalty coupons easily for all the Mall stores. Tie them to Proximity Beacons and create a fully immersive smart shopping experience.

Premium Support

From designing your campaign, to mapping the Whole Venue, to adding Beacons and making Usage scenarios, we're there to help you create a rich beautiful experience.

Here's a quick example

Create your Campaign    

Add your Logo. 
Add your Colors. They will be used in Locito when a user is in your Campaign. 
Add a Title and a little about this campaign.


Create your external locations 

Add your Stores Locations with contact information.
Add parkings nearby or anything you deem useful for your visitors.
You want people to find you easily and Locito takes care of that.

Create your buildings

Create your Building.
This will be tied to an external Location. It will have all the floormaps to allow your users to find anything indoors!

Map your buildings

Add floor maps to your building.
Add some info to guide your users inside.
Add Beacons to your floors. They will help position the visitor and can be used as Action Triggers for participating stores!

Add Stores' Information

Create all the Mall's shops as Points of Interest on the maps.
Add information, contacts, media, actions for offers or any other stuff that's important to you and your visitors!

Determine a starting loyalty campaign

You want your visitor to join your Locito Campaign and stay.
So besides all the other useful stuff you'll offer, you can create a loyalty campaign, with time based coupons which are tirggered by proximity to the store. 

So when I'm walking right outside the Flower Shop I'll get a popup to take advantage of a fresh 10% discount for the next 10 minutes. Now that's a nice opportunity to buy flowers, right?


Publish your Campaign.
Advertise anyway you want. Via link in Social Media, QR code posters, SMS.
Monitor Campaign efficiency and make any changes, anytime.


Now when someone joins your campaign, as they’re walking the halls, window-shopping; they get an offer they can’t refuse! “10% off with this #code for the next 10 minutes”.

And that’s in addition of the usual Locito offerings, such as Search for any POI (i.e. Store), Share anything to Social Media, Invite your Friends, See Photos, navigate inside the Mall etc.

Locito can implement any marketing scenario you can imagine and funnel it through the Locito App, straight to your potential clients.

Have A Project? We're Here To Help You Create It.