I’m an Exhibition organizer or expo venue onwer. How can Locito help me?

Locito can help you provide added-value services to both your exhibitors and your visitors. Win-Win!

Logo/Color Branding Of Campaign

Add you Exhibition's Logo, or the Venue logo. Change the colors accordingly.

One App To Serve Them All

Using Locito provides a one-stop app for all your events/campaigns in the future. No different apps for each campaign.

Actions To Indoor Or Outdoor Locations

Add any web or custom action to any booth whether indoor or outdoor. Gather statistics and engage your visitors. 


Access to the ever-growing user-base of Locito every time. Locito is one app, so all campaigns share a common user-base. You do the math.

Customized information on your exhibitors

Add Unlimited usefull information for each exhibitor. Tie a Beacon to the exhibitor stall and trigger customized actions that bring added value directly to the visitor.

Premium Support

From designing your campaign, to mapping the Whole Venue, to adding Beacons and making Usage scenarios, we're there to help you create a rich beautiful experience.

Here's a quick example

Create your Campaign    

Add your Venue Logo or Specific Exhibition Logo. 
Add your Colors. They will be used in Locito when a user is in your Campaign. 
Add a Title and a little about this campaign.


Create your external locations 

Add your Venues Locations with contact information.
Add parkings nearby or anything you deem useful for your visitors.
You want people to find you easily and Locito takes care of that.

Create your buildings

Create your Buildings.
This will be tied to an external Location. It will have all the floormaps to allow your users to find anything indoors!

Map your buildings

Add floor maps to your building.

Add all your exhibitors as places on the indoor map. Or maybe some of the exhibitors, your call.
Add some info to guide your users inside.

Add Beacons to your floors. They will help position the visitor and can be used as Action Triggers for participating exhibitors!

Add Exhibitors' Information

Create all the Stalls as points of interest on the indoor map (or outdoor if the exhibition is outdoors).

Add information, contacts, media, actions for offers or any other stuff that's important to you and your visitors!

Maybe an action that downloads all relevant material to the user's phone. 
Maybe a newsletter subscription prompt by the exhibitor. The possibilities are endless.

Enhance the experience with actions

You want your visitor to join your Locito Campaign and stay.

So besides all the other useful stuff you'll offer, you can create a contest that drives visitors to the participating exhibitors' booths in order to gain points.


Publish your Campaign.

Advertise anyway you want. Via link in Social Media, QR code posters, SMS.

Monitor Campaign efficiency and make any changes, anytime.


Now a visitor that joins your Locito Campaign, has an advanced view of the whole exhibition venue, all exhibitors and all services, or anything else you offer.

Now your visitor can search for an exhibitor, can see where the booth is, see directions on how to go there, share his location with friends on Social Media. He can buy his tickets for the exhibition right through the app. And can use any interactive service you provide, that helps him better his experience in a big expo venue, which we all know, can be overwhelming sometimes.

Your exhibitors have the option to help the visitor find them easily, engage him via contests or games through the app, digitally deliver materials via the app (no need for stacks of papers that will probably get tossed when leaving) and be responsible for making the visitor’s experience more pleasant.

See? A win-win-win!


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