Locito can help you provide quick and efficient location enabled services for your client’s Marketing campaigns/events.

Some of the usages of Locito that can fit in any Marketing Event or Strategy are:

Logo/Color branding of campaign

The Campaign follows the brand guidelines of your client. You pick the colors and the logo.

One app to serve them All

Using Locito provides a one-stop app for all your clients and all their events/campaigns in the future. No different apps for each campaign.

Actions to indoor or outdoor locations

This means Custom Web pages that can do virtually anything, Games, Contests, Social Participation. Basically if you have already created a page, it can be served via Locito as well.


Access to the ever-growing user-base of Locito every time. Locito is one app, so all campaigns share a common user-base. You do the math.

Metrics and Analytics on each Campaign

You can forward them directly to your client, or enrich them with other analytics sources and create final report.

Premium Support

We're here if you need us to help you design the perfect campaign for your client's needs.

Here's a quick example

Create your Client's Campaign    

Add their Logo. 
Add their Colors. They will be used in Locito when a user is in the Campaign. 
Add a Title and a little about this campaign.


Create your external locations 

Add any external Locations with contact information.
Could be the Point of Interest of a Specific city wide event, store locations, the checkpoints in a marathon or anything you want.

You want people to find you easily and Locito takes care of that.

Create your buildings

Create your Buildings.
This will be tied to an external Location. It will have all the floormaps to allow your users to find anything indoors!

Maybe you want to map all the stores so your engagement campaign can guide the visitor to a specific store section. Done!

Map your buildings

Add floor maps to your building.
Add some info to guide your users inside.

Add Beacons to your floors. They will help position the visitor and can be used as Action Triggers that may prompt for a contest, a discount coupon, or a new product.

Create fun games

Have you made a game that is played through social media and enters the user in a contest? Why not offer it through Locito as well?
Maybe the user gets extra points if he/she is inside a store, anything is possible!

Determine a starting loyalty campaign

You want your visitor to join your Locito Campaign and stay.
So besides all the other useful stuff you'll offer, you can create a loyalty campaign, with time based coupons which are tirggered by proximity to the store. 

So when I'm walking right outside the Client's Retail Location I'll get a popup to take advantage of a fresh 10% discount for the next 10 minutes. Now that's a nice opportunity to buy something, right?


Publish your Campaign.

Advertise anyway you want. Via link in Social Media, QR code posters, SMS.

Monitor Campaign efficiency and make any changes, anytime.

nice, right?

You just added another digital channel, with minimal involvement, reuse of existing resources and very affordably. Also you created a location enabled dimension in your client's digital presence!

Locito can be part of any marketing strategy.
 through the Locito App, straight to your clients' users.

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